List of macerates

In the following texts there are recipes for about twenty useful macerates. Some macerates are very seasonal and depend on the growth of the plant- St. John’s wort can be made only at the time of flowering plants. Some can be prepared during a longer period- for example, marigold blooms from spring until autumn, and within three months, dried flowers can be used to prepare macerates. Some are made from dried plant parts all year round, as is the case with gotu kola and vanilla. The choice is yours and in this way you will be creative and get to know the abundance of nature. Some are familiar to you, like St. John’s wort, but are in a new guise (selection of vegetable oils), and others may be less familiar to you like tepezcohuite or achiote.

Some macerates are only available commercially, because we simply do not live in areas where such plants grow. But I mentioned them anyway, because I think they are a valuable cosmetic addition.


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